My Personal Favorite Image From 2014!

Wedding Image

Traveling to the Reception as Husband & Wife!     Just Married!     Mr. & Mrs. Taylor Pinson

My Personal Favorite Image From 2014!

Every year several images I have taken in the past year stand out in my Mind! This is my favorite image from 2014! Why is it my favorite? Well mostly, it is because I took this image from the back of a moving golf cart that was traveling to the reception in front of the Bride & Groom’s car.

Photographers know that taking a Great Images from the back of a moving golf cart is, at best, difficult. Golf carts pick up every bump in the road. Thus, you are struggling with keeping yourself & your camera from jumping and moving about while trying to capture a wonderful moment. After all, a camera that is jumping about will only capture a picture with motion blur.

Setting for a fast shutter speed will not correct movement on the part of the camera. Thus, a steady hand that compensates for the bounces and motion of the golf cart is critical.  A fast shutter speed is used to stop the motion of the subject being photographed. However, the camera must remain still when taking the image or you will get motion blur in the image.  Lenses with vibration control help; however, the bouncing movement that occurs while riding in the back of a golf cart creates a challenge.

Now, sometimes photographers intentionally do what’s called – drag the shutter, which means to intentionally move the camera while pressing the shutter button in order to obtain motion blur. You only do this to create a special effect image. That’s not what I wanted here.

Therefore, successfully eliminating motion blur from this image while taking the image from a moving golf cart is why this is one of my favorite images of 2014!  Additionally, this is an adorable couple, and we loved being able to capture their Wedding Day Memories in Images!

– Nena Pratt